199 Water Street, New York

December 5th-February 23rd, 2020

Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-7pm

Wallplay is pleased to host IZI, the new retail concept and brainchild of Max Gold and Angel Zheng. After a successful pop-up experience on Canal Street, IZI has come to the Seaport District to broaden their scope and reconsider what it means to be a clothing brand in the impending decade. IZI is more than a typical clothing store, hosting a collection of vendors, artists, and events every month.

In consideration of the retail landscape in 2020, IZI will be incorporating QR codes in partnership with Wallplay and DTX for a contemporary shopping experience. Visitors can try on IZI’s newest line of clothing and use their phones to access QR codes for purchasing. Through this system, clothing can be sent directly to the buyers home address in 3-7 business days, bridging the best of the out-of-home shopping experience with the ease of e-commerce. Guest vendors will also be incorporated into the QR code system, including everything from food and beverage to flowers.

In partnership with Medium Rare, art remains a focus for the Wallplay location. For the month of December, Medium Rare has invited multi-faceted artist, Chanel Khoury to display and create work directly in the space. Passerby will be able to view Chanel from the window, working on her next painting.

Throughout their run, Gold and Zheng will host influencer driven events in conjunction with social impact projects. Gold and Zheng founded the non-profit Clout For A Cause, a project that helps connect influencers to eco and civil causes directly, in a way that not only raises awareness but creates measurable impact.




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