Medium Rare Art: Chanel Khoury

Medium Rare Art:

Chanel Khoury

199 Water Street, New York, NY

December 5th-February 23rd, 2020

Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-7pm

Wallplay is pleased to present Medium Rare Art’s newest installation with artist, Chanel Khoury. Chanel’s work will be showcased in partnership with the young retail brand, IZI.

For their second collaboration with Wallplay, Medium Rare  has invited multi-faceted artist, Chanel Khoury to display and create work directly in the space. Passerby will be able to view Chanel from the window, working on her next painting and interact with her directly in the space throughout the run of the exhibition. 


About Medium Rare

Launched in April 2019, Medium Rare Art is an online retail platform designed to curate the relationship between emerging artists and the professional art network (enthusiasts, buyers, and sellers) in efforts to “inspire, connect, and provide a medium of exchange,” as referenced in their mission statement. 82% of the sale price per piece is profited by the artist and the remaining 12% serves as commission to Medium Rare Art - higher profit for the artist, lower profit for the industry.

Chanel Khoury

Chanel Khoury is a New York based artist focused on the depiction of isolation and human action within dreamy atmospheres, both inside and outside. Her work aims to bring the viewer to a state of shared euphoria in connection to the figures. Paintings and photographs explore facets of interior design, landscapes, abstraction, and surrealism. Using the mediums of oil painting and film photography, Chanel’s work embodies unique pastel color palettes merging both her paintings and photographs into a cohesive flow of the euphoric state she aims to articulate to the viewer.



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